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Who We Are

Creative Paws Pet Grooming offers a wide variety of pet grooming services to help your furry friends look and feel their best.


Our groomers are professionally trained and proud to offer "all-breed all-style" grooming to our clientele, as well as specialty services such as creative coloring, aromatherapy, medicated spa treatments, and so much more. 


We believe the bond between your pet and your groomer is very important and aim to gain the trust of every pet who comes through our doors.

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We offer a wide variety of grooming services
to help your furry friends look and feel their best.

Dog Grooming
You and your groomer will have a thorough conversation when you drop your pet off for its grooming appointment. You let us know how you would like your pet to look and we let you know what we need to do to achieve the style you are looking for as well as how often that style of haircut will need to be maintained. Your groomer is proficient in all breed styling to breed standard and beyond.

Dog Haircut
White Cat

Cat Grooming
Contrary to popular belief cats do need grooming as much as dogs. The amount of grooming a cat needs depends on the coat type. Short haired breeds may only need their nails clipped and an occasional bath to remove grease and dander. A longer haired cat may require much more frequent grooming to prevent tangles and matting from forming.

Nail Trims
Stop by anytime during business hours and no appointment is necessary. Services should each take approximately 5-10 minutes. We ask that you wait in the lobby for your pet while the service is performed. We do appreciate a heads up phone call to let us know you will be stopping by, if possible.

Creative Paws Pet Grooming is open 7 days a week,
by appointment only, during the COVID shutdown.


We are not able to do walk-in services at this time.

We understand you may not wish to leave your vehicle during these trying times, so we are offering curbside “Fetch and Retrieve” services. Give us a call when you arrive, and we’ll come to your car to pick up your dirty dog and bring them back looking and feeling their best.

Safety restrictions require every pet that enters our salon must get a bath, so we are not able to do just nail trims.


Sorry for any inconvenience these restrictions may cause.

What We Do

What Clients Say

Cairnes Terrier

“Creative Paws does such a great job grooming our Cairn Terrier! They keep notes about how to groom him so he always looks so nice when I pick him up! ”

— Lauren M.

Creative Paws Pet Grooming

"We believe the bond between your pet and your groomer is very important and aim to gain the trust of every pet who comes through our doors."

 Lisa, Owner 
Creative Paws Pet Grooming

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